About The Glam Harbor

Glam Harbor "The Store"

The Glam Harbor symbolizes a way of making a traditional statement in a contemporary way. All Glam Harbor products are hand-made and take inspiration from pieces of traditions or nature, put together in a design that make them fit for use in modern world. 

The products are part of seasonal collections taking inspiration from various things like Indian traditions (unique hand arrests, head chains etc.), contemporary designs (animals and gadget embroidered silk scarves) to most recently Semi-precious natural stones jewelry based on designs from nature (leaves, flowers etc.)


Sonia Manocha "The Designer"

Sonia Manocha studied Fashion and Information Technology at National Institute of Fashion Technology, Gujarat, India. Since her graduation, she has worked with several multinational companies and retail chains around the globe where she used her creative and analytical skills for designing fashion products. In 2012, Sonia followed her passion and started her own line of jewelry and women accessories, which are now being exhibited and sold under her label called 'The Glam Harbor'.